Intuitives dating sensors

Being Intuitive is a bit like being left-handed - the world is not designed for you, and right-handed people Sensors may not even realize that you exist. But just because you are an Intuitive does not mean that you are not able to engage in the sensory world. Everyone has both components in their personality.

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Fundamentally there is value in each mental process, which is why they exist. With practice, it is possible to become ambidextrous and engage in both worlds. This may not be instinctive or even pleasurable to you, but you do have that ability. These tips will help you get started. The rest is up to you. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley and holds a master's degree in counseling psychology.

Since , she has specialized in helping individuals and organizations utilize personality assessments to develop their potential. In , Molly founded Truity with a mission to make robust, scientifically validated personality assessments accessible to everyone who may benefit from them.

Molly is an ENTP and lives in San Francisco, where she enjoys elaborate cooking projects, murder mysteries, and racing toy cars with her son.

Some lightbulbs went off and I immensely enjoyed reading all this interesting information. I am looking forward to your next revelations about myself Why did you only list examples for how intuitives can speak sensor? I've been learning how to "speak" sensor my entire life. Some examples of how sensors can communicate to intuitives better would be nice as well. Well, this article was for the Intuitives, but we will definitely work on getting one out for Sensors as well!

Would still like to see a piece on how Sensors can learn to "speak" Intuitive, and how it benefits them to do so. This just described the interaction between myself and my youngest daughter, and myself and my now ex-husband. It frustrates me that I cant seem to communicate with her, but now I can see why we are both frustrated and wonder if the other is crazy because we can walk away from a conversation and both wonder if the other was really even there!

She is a sensor big time and I am an intuitive big time. She reminds me of her dad in so many ways that we interact Then would accuse me of being controlling. The family would make plans and my ex would agree and then come up with "an idea" that would muddy the original plan and he would sometimes be bent out of shape if we didn't go along with his new ideas Hard to plan events and adventures with him As an intuitive this is my dilemma. When I'm trying to plan something with someone, they'll say something like, well that won't work.

My first instinct is to ask, "Why won't that work? When they tell me the reason why it won't work, I'll throw out some ideas of how things can change slightly to make it work. They don't like that! And it confuses me to no end how come it can't work, when obviously if you just move this to here and this to here, it can work. Sometimes making decisions and plans is like playing Tetris. And you just have to move the blocks around. So I try to explain my rationale, and they keep shaking their head, and I'm like, "But it will work!

Thank you for this, I think I found out a solution that will fix most dangerous United States issues altogether in one swoop, and while I have been working on the concept for several years and have worked out the inconsistencies in my head, when I try to ask a sensor for their perspective, they just say it won't work, give up hope and let the US of A continue to be subpar. SJs are always controlling because they are Guardians, so, no matter how much of decisions you were taking in his name you were probably controlling his life big time without being aware of it.

As an intutitive, I have learned to speak sensor as well. Sensors need to understand, however, that for us to step back and spell out every detail when we can see the end state so clearly, can be exhausting and frustrating but is also rewarding if we are recognized for our ideas. If you are writing a flip-side article, please remind Sensors that they need us, especially in the workplace. We provide vision and energy and innovation, and they help us make it real. We really do need one another, but we need to understand one another, be open and be aware.

I've never flown, but I would wonder probably out-loud why someone hasn't solved that ear-popping thing.

You forgot to mention that we do both. The take-off example only made that clear to me. We all do both-- but not with equal comfort. I am and N, but I do place importance on tradition. For example, one of my projects is working on my family tree. But, at the same time I don't place much importance on dates of birthdays and anniversaries. And yes, I do feel like a left-hander in a right-handed world. This is so helpful!! I've tried mindfulness practice, and other techniques to try to understand or communicate with sensors but I end up just feeling exhausted.

I had a great mentor who once told me I don't think you realize how you come across" and he is right, I don't. Always feel lonely and misunderstood, and always see things as you describe here. Wow this is seriously blowing me away right now! The pennny has finally dropped and everything is started to make sense.

Been feeling like Neo from the Matrix since doing my Myers briggs Test: A lot of the language challenges can be tied to the Ladder of Abstraction idea.

Relationships: Intuitives being disappointed by sensors and other musings

A cow is a cow no matter what, and that's the realm of the Sensor's communication style. No need to go beyond the universally accepted definition. Most Intuitives realize they have to adjust the first time they have find themselves giving a lesson to the teacher in a typical K setting. Thank you for all these informations, and insights it brings to me, my behavior, and my partner's. Iam Intuitive, and she is a sensor. At the time as we speak, she hasnt taken the test yet, but i know she is a sensor..


Here I go again with my fast thinking and Assumptions. But Intuition means we understand how things work and their possible results. Anyway, thank you again for the articles and comments. Its never enough to hear experiences and insights. My story is that I have had trust issues with my partner.. We have been arguing for a week, and i have made so many readings and reaserches for the whole time, that i came in fast with diagnostics, solutions, transformations for me and search for better ways of communicating. This resulting with me on all these Internet pages about compatibility options between N and S.

Thanks for more examples!

Truity's Personality and Careers Blog

Awesome Article thank you for sharing. I feel like if most sensors saw this article, they might be able to understand us a bit, since the article is very organized. I found this post on google yesterday about how N's are smarter than S' and the hate it was receiving, but your article clearly communicates our issues much better than hating on sensors, however your article was about how we should communicate with them and not about our struggles. I would love to see an article where it has funny points summarizing the struggles we face because of living in a world full on sensor.

Like the different between Feeling intuitives and thinking ones, how their intuition differs, how they see the world, would they get along better with each other or feeling intuitive and sensor is better than a thinking intuitive with a feeling intuitive. I wouldn't say that world "isn't built for intuitives. Apparently, I'm an intuitive in a family of sensors. I annoy them by barely caring about practical matters, chosing instead to obsess over the philisophical.

So yeah, sensors are kind of better off I know this article is quite old now, but I found it whilst trying to work out why female sensors always seem to have a problem with me. I always make the effort to get along with them, but I seem to get nothing but shade in return from most apart from ESTPs. I can generally get along with most male sensors my father is an ESTJ, so that may have something to do with it , but females specifically seem to hate me.

How can I get along with them without feeling like I have to conceal my intelligence? She talks about a lot of issues we have with other people, but I think the crux of it is that we just communicate in a way that people don't expect from women, and not everyone is able to handle it.

I appreciate wanting to get along with everyone, but something that's been very freeing to me is to realize that not everyone is going to like me.

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  • That doesn't mean I'm going to be impolite or willfully belligerent, but it does mean I can let myself off the hook if someone doesn't seem to take to me. I take solace in the fact that when I do click with someone, we both really value that connection! Can you recommend any book, program or resources to practice communicating with Sensors. Maybe you have written a book yourself or know of something else. I will appreciate any recommendations.

    I would love to be able to communicate and connect with millions of more people without learning a foreign language, per se. I'm not aware of a book about communicating with Sensors specifically, but The Art of Speed-Reading People is a pretty good overview of dealing with personality differences in general. If it didn't have relevance, I wouldn't bring it up.

    I'm bringing it up because I think it's relevant, and something I think the sensor should see. If the sensor doesn't want to hear an intuitives abstract opinions, then why are they even telling them about it? The latter is often more of dabbler with ideas which leads me on to his second crucial aspect: Aelthwyn and Ermenegildo thanked this post.

    This is not a post to bash sensors, I'm not saying any one type is better than the other! Ellis Bell , All in Twilight , charlie. ElectricSparkle , Ellis Bell ,. I see an ennegram 4w3 here Sensors start to make sense to me only after they have developed their tertiary and inferior functions and I am pretty sure it works the other way around as well. I think it's weird that you didn't find out after 30 seconds that these people or just certain people in general are no dating material and I think that has everything to do with you not being objective but you being guided by a craving for affection?

    You see them how you want to see them subjectivity and later you find out that you were wrong. How well do you know yourself? I am basing this on the fact that you have been dating a lot of guys for short amounts of time one month. Maybe I'm off here but I think you would stumble upon the same kind of problems if you'd start dating intuitives as well.

    I'll look into it! It's a different kind of friendship, and I respect both of them equally. I just derp around with them in completely different ways. I agree with you, and that's valuable insight. One of my friends is an INTP and that has been something that we have always shared. The deep analyzation, without needing to "finish" it.

    I don't know quite what you mean about going into a relationship for "myself". I feel like a relationship should be equal in the give and take, you make them a better person, they make you a better person. I feel "put in a box" because I feel like my potential in life, happiness, experiences is limited by being attached to them. I am not really attracted to sensors, they seem more attracted to me haha. I find that I am attracted to almost all people within reason who find me interesting, and I dated many sensors because initially I thought that they had potential, and maybe I would grow to like them even more, or grow to love them.

    I found out that that will never be the case. I guess I need a spark, although I have never found it with a sensor. I got to know the ones I dated quite well, and as a person, for what they are, they are great people. I always felt guilty leaving them. Perhaps I intuitively know that it just feels right, and to settle would lead to an average life with average happiness and the thought of that is horrible to me. I know I sound selfish The past half year or so after recovering from my INTJ thing, I have been discovering myself more as a person and what I want.

    It's kind of like an endless entanglement of spirals. But then again I have just had endless free time to think because of a switch in majors and school kind of delayed my typical life. The tentative conclusions that i came up with are that a NF would best understand me, and be able to empathize with what I feel, because that is what i lacked when I interacted with that INTJ i spoke with. Although no other type other than the INTJ has fascinated me more. So maybe I'm wrong and the timing was off, or it wasn't "meant to be". I appreciate everyones insight btw.

    Donovan and Nordom thanked this post. You pretty much nailed it on the head in terms of me imagining them how I wish them to be ideally. I can see that for the majority of the threads, you have one side saying, "It's possible! It's not about your type. Just because you're an INFJ or something doesn't mean you need to specifically pair up with someone. I'm an INFJ with friends of every type all 16 types. I've had people who liked me of all different types romantically speaking.

    It's all based on your actual personality, not your personality type. Sometimes, I have to say, people get so caught up into "personality types" that they forget what the true definition of personality is. Of course, I'll have people disagreeing with me, but I've typed a lot of people maybe I mistyped, I'm not sure who are married, and I've seen enough times that intuitives and sensors can be happily married.

    Neon Knight , ForsakenMe , goodgracesbadinfluence and 2 others thanked this post. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. WIPerspective hit the nail on the head.