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This happens when the Dota matchmaking is broken. Immortal Earth spirit Vs Ancients wtf

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Want to add to the discussion? Please carefully read the following: Game-Breaking Bugs Bugs that are critically game-breaking Be sure to check your spam folder if you cannot find the updated login information. Why does Dota matchmaking hate me?

I am not a bad player, I can play my fucking role and I'm not a feed regardless whether I've played as a hero once or twenty times, and neither am I that arsehole who shouts at everyone when they make the slightest mistake. In ranked solo I have no friends who play Dota, or many who even own a gaming pc I am consistently placed in teams of absolute idiots, teams of people who generally seem to have played the game from anywhere between and hours, yes I perv their steam profiles all whilst I sit there with a lowly and-something hours, a decent amount of which is me leaving the menu on whilst bumming around on other things innit.

[MATCH-MAKING] Is this how Dota 2 match the players who have same brackets?

I understand this may sound like the whining of a delusional moron, but check my fucking stats bro, I ain't skerd. Or maybe I just wanted to moan and none of my friends understand Dota.

I understand this may sound like the whining of a delusional moron.