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They don't answer their messages. Images do not match the appropriate thumbnails. Profiles updates are slow or never happen. Deleted images still show in profile. Clicking thumbnail displays different images. So many issues and problem. But worse, trying to get those issues solved is impossible since Cupid does not reply to your messages. Maybe it is not allowed, but hey we are not scammers at all!

And we were purely honest. We are not fake! But there was one Caucasian who lives in other State who saw the profile and was like a hungry volture who told me that his Son is near me and would like to meet me asap! I was so nice and being educated on my responses towards him and very honest. Guess what, he was so upset he cannot get what he wanted right away that he reported me and my account was terminated. Will you meet a guy like that who thinks I am an item being sold and he wanted to grab just few minutes after being posted?! Why my profile was terminated just like that without proper explanation from the dating site team?

Where is the justice there? Nothing from this so called dating site! No protection for females either! You think you can pick them but there are some very sneaky hustlers on here. Even ones that prove their identity. You might get lucky with some but stay away from the pretty girls. They do this for a living.

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I could not believe the number of scammers on this site. I did meet one very beautiful young girl and dated her for a few months. So many phony profiles and scam artists. This is the scammiest such site I've encountered. But it does have good selection tools so you can find exactly what you're looking for if you're willing to spend lots of time at it and keep a healthy cynical attitude.

I was a paid member, they changed my birth date and didn't allow me to correct it unless I send them a copy of my passport, driver license or national I. When I signed up, there was not such a requirement. There are a lot of girls that they contact you and want to sell their nude pictures, offer an online sex show or beg for money.

Most of the pictures you see are many years old and when you see the women online they don't look like their pictures at all. Had a real bad experience with this company. Even one star is too much! I really don't know why this site don't care about their members. They only care about you if you upgrade your account. They terminated my account for no reason, and when I e-mailed them about it they didn't respond. I feel so violated. I heard about the company in Ph that using fake accounts to scam foreigners.

Most of the profiles who contacted me in 4 days are either fake or scams. I start the conversation stating exactly that and they stop communicating Is the a trustworthy international dating website? Lots of the people are not replying. And when they reply, they will start asking you stuffs first before they start to threaten to block you off. Not to mention that you can't do anything unless you pay. No, they don't even give you a 5 minute trial to be able to do stuffs.

A platinum member said so bad to me so i get mad. This website suspended me but ignored what ever the man said against me.

Probably because the man is a paying member and i am just a free member. I emailed them but this website doesnt care at all. So i requested them to permanently delete my profile.

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And they did because they doesnt care. I dont recommend that you guys join this site.

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This site isn't a scam but ideally you need to be in the Philippines to use it. Over the last few months, I've noticed a drop off in the quality of women and response rate. In addition many women who meet up try to run game on you or scam you for food or money. A lot more slumdogs are prevalent. This isn't to say that you still can't find sex or meaningful relationships on the site but FC has declined for sure unless you know what you are doing.

Swipe right: Tinder, Filipino Cupid are Filipinos' favorite online dating services

This site, while offering some real profiles, is primarily made up of fake profiles. Most of the information is fake, the photos are fake and once you respond to a person the scam begins. It can be a family crisis, or using a specific travel agency, or some other means to separate you from your money. Spread the word that this site is a rip-off. I have used it a number of times with some result.

However, I just got the same result with Date in Asia which is totally free and with a better and simpler user interface. Filipino Cupid is a nuisance by being pushy and greedy. They have built in scams like automatic membership renewal which is a trick to suck your money from the credit card without asking for permission.

If you forget to opt out they will suck your money for months even if you never log in. I think is a borderline legal practice that by itself make the site not trust worthy. Is also full of scammer members that try to make money in various ways. I wrote several emails, and they do NOT reply. Yes, I was getting many messages from the girls, and I think they think I will pay again to read those messages. This is totally spam site. Found out that a individual used my girlfriends photos for a fake listing on both Filipino Cupid and Asian Dating. The website company has done nothing to remove the listings that has my girlfriends photos so, therefore I will now warn everybody for listings from Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

There are many ads of women that are located in different cities in China. They all claim that they are working as nannies or tutors for Chinese families. When writing to them I find that they all have a similar story.

They do not have cell phones that they can communicate through texting or Skype. Only have access to emails. Most of them say they would like to meet me in my country. This all seems to be a scam.

Am I being foolish thinking that these women actually exist? Meaning Cupid fabricated fictitious profiles to lure the customer in. On the site there are many scammers. I think you should look at the couples that have been successful in finding each other using this dating site. It is up to to you to find the real women or men on this site. I was successful like so many other couples. I was contacted by many ladies. Most did not even see or even read my profile. I never paid for membership. The site gave me for free the opportunity to read the messages sent by the ladies.

We ended up on Skype for over 2 hours. She was working in Saudi Arabia on a 2 year contract as a Teacher. We feel in love online. I am living with my partner in the home she owns in the Philippines. We wish to thank FilipinoCupid for helping us to get together. I am a 62 year old Teacher retired British white man. My partner is 41 years old. Be aware filipina ladies do not care about age. I am very sure with effort you would find a lady on the cupid website.

Stop thinking they are all scammers. Just detect them and move on to the real ladies looking for a partner, Never send money to any lady. When you register on FilipinoCupid. For you, it is even better to tell more facts about your life and your personality as this data would be used to find matches for you. It means that the more data you share — the more chances you get to meet Philippines ladies that perfectly correspond with your expectations. In their turn ladies have to fill in their profiles too. They provide data on their age, appearance height, weight, etc.

You can use all these criteria to search out those girls that possess traits which you adore in ladies. Philippine women have a good reputation worldwide and are rarely accused of inappropriate behavior. It means that there are really small chances to become a victim of a fraudster from the Philippines.

Nevertheless, the FilipinoCupid scam policy is supposed to reduce even the tiniest risk of fraud. The site cooperates with reliable local agencies which check girls who want to join the site. All the documents of any lady are checked. The lady has to attend a face-to-face interview and answer the questions that would help to find out her intentions. If her identity is verified and she seems to be honest, then the girl gets the permission to register on the site. Also, the site cooperates with McAfee in order to protect the personal information of the clients.

In addition, the customers are encouraged to get familiar with basic dating tips listed on the site. When you pass the FilipinoCupid login procedure for the first time you get all the right of the free Standard member. It means that you check out the unlimited number of profiles of Filipino girls. However, you are limited in terms of the exploitation of the communication options.

To enjoy the extended set of advanced features you might consider upgrading your membership to Gold or Platinum level. The prices vary depending on the type of membership and on the duration of your subscription. Pros More than 3. Screenshots and Video Video Ease of Use From the very beginning when you have to deal with FilipinoCupid register procedure you would understand that the service is simple in exploitation. Number of Members A Filipina dating a foreigner is quite a regular situation.

Quality of Profiles When you register on FilipinoCupid.

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Pricing When you pass the FilipinoCupid login procedure for the first time you get all the right of the free Standard member. Read reviews and comments Add your review. I enjoy every minute I spend on Filipino Cupid. It is such a nice place full of attractive ladies, all of them eager to chat with you. More than a dream. I was so confused on where to start looking for a girlfriend? However, here I am with my girlfriend from the Philippines a year after. Filipino Cupid changed my life completely. It matched me up with a great woman, with whom we chat for 6 months already and planning to meet offline.

I lack romance tour option, but still, we will manage it ourselves. Perhaps, I lack romance tour option, but, fortunately, I can afford to travel to the Philippines, so generally, this platform entirely meets my needs. Every website has pros and cons. For me, Filipino Cupid withstands the perfect balance between two of them.

It has beautiful design, convenient tools, massive database. Filipino Cupid seems to be a trustworthy site but sometimes I find the profiles that are almost empty — a few words and a few photos. The other great aspect of the site is that it is full of Filipino women! Not Chinese or Korean or Thai but Filipino! So I want to meet a Filipina girl and I hope she would agree to become my wife! I get even agree on staying in the Philippines! It should be like a heaven when you live there with the woman you love! I like to spend time on Filipino Cupid.

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It is simple and clear, you know what you are paying for and you do not expect any surprises. I spent on the Filipino Cupid more than a year. It was pretty good — a lot of girls, acceptable prices. But a few days ago I tried to log into my account and I received a warning that such an account does not exist. Could you imagine that your profile, your contacts, messages, etc. Later on, the support team contacted me and told there was some mistake in their system and my profile was deleted unintentionally.

They offered to restore my membership but I refused. If they fail to control their system they may fail to protect my data. Free membership is a good idea! And I appreciate that I could spend as much time as needed to get used to the site and to the ladies. No one forced me to upgrade my membership. A have a ritual — every day after work I spend a few hours on chatting with girls on Filipino Cupid.