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It's so utterly close minded and pretentious there. You could probably do fine there as a black guy My brother lives in Denver, and it's more middle ground there.

Fairly progressive, especially with the younger crowd. They have the hipster plague there too, but most of the downtown crowd are young, upwardly mobile types. The burbs are more traditional, conservative types.

Originally Posted by Biscous. Sounds like Austin too. I stick out like a sore thumb too being more of an east coast prep kind of guy. Not a black hipster. Seems pretentious as hell.

I appreciate your feedback. Originally Posted by Onethirtyeight. You're too "mainstream" if you don't sell out on your identity and become a PBR drinking hipster. Oh wait that doesn't make any sense does it You're screwed if Austin is like Portland. When I was working in Louisiana, I heard a story about a judge who would not marry an inter-racial couple because he was concerned for the well being of the kid they might have together.

Originally Posted by jba Its probably true that white women tend to prefer other white or light skinned men, so what you might be seeing in those cities is the outcome of those women getting their pick All times are GMT The time now is 4: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

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Is the girl/guy ratio really that skewed? : Denver

Now the ex-mormon subreddit. Reddit's head of mine, jessica moreno, etc. Sign up through two dedicated punks in london's iconic. Frugal tips for a toy store local and. The Denver Flea this weekend had some gorgeous women walking about by themselves. In any case, I hope you have a nice and easy move and find the beautiful city of Denver to your liking. We really need another census survey, was when the economy was the worst, housing inventory was the highest it ever was.

Demographics have got to be different, but how much, who knows. I would love to see what has changed since then.

The Denver Flea is basically a super hip and kitsch farmer's market, it probably does draw a decent number of ladies. Not to be confused with Mile High Flea Market which is just what happens with a garage sale is raped by dollar stores.

Walking tour of 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver, Colorado 【4K】

Yeah the Denver Flea is nothing like an actual flea market. Its basically a pop up mall for a weekend.

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Not sure if they still do it, but you used to be able to get a free beer if you RSVP'd online. Women outlive men by 5 years on average in the US, which is statistically significant, so if there's parity in gender percentages one reasonable hypothesis would be that there are more young men than young women.

This hypothesis conforms with many things I've seen and heard: For young single people moving here not going to college, I've read it's nearly 65 men to 35 women. At my firm I would say that easily around 3 in 4 new out of state hires are men. Much of the growth in Denver's job market is fueled by the tech industry which is predominantly male--this place is becoming more like San Francisco, with lots of young single men moving here to make decent money. Same goes for the emerging green sector, skews male.

The above is what I posted when this came up a day or two ago. Among young people, the city skews very male. It's very easy to see that when, say, going out at night, especially when you're familiar with cities where it's not that way. Anecdotally, I've heard all of my female friends say they've never lived anywhere where they've had it so easy. Usually visitors, male and female, will notice it when going out on the town, and I never point it out. I've never had an issue dating but i honestly think that due to the numbers it's slightly harder for young men to date here.

Unfortunately I can't link to the results, folks will have to run the query themselves starting here. For the year there were more women than men in the age group and the age group I really appreciate actual data and a link as well! I'm seeing a different result that I wanted to note, not to save face but because I still believe the data shows the Denver area skews male. Here are my results:.

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My reasoning for that query is that when you go out or encounter people doing activities, they will generally be from the Denver-Boulder metro area. I included Boulder because one often encounters people when going out or doing things here in Denver from Broomfield and Boulder etc, particularly for nightlife. The age cohort is because 21 - 34 is generally what marketers and cultural pundits consider to be young people. I mentioned I only looked at Denver county proper. While it may be true that you frequently encounter folks from Boulder, I feel it's disingenuous to say "Denver" has an issue with too many yo men and then use a metropolitan area that even includes Greeley, and much of Weld County.

There's also no reason to lump the data into when it's easily available in smaller segments and you can see that for many places, even Boulder, this skew is significantly lessened in the bracket and was significantly stronger in the brackets. The latter is a different selection. If you select only Denver and Boulder counties, it still skews male. I lumped ages 21 - 34 because that is a common "youth" cohort.


If you take ages 21 - 25, as an example of a smaller cohort, there are , males and 96, females. I do agree with you that it's notable that Denver county is balanced but I think the skewness of the immediate metro area is present in life here.

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  • Especially since I think it's more likely that more residents come from Aurora, since Aurora is closer and has a significantly greater population than Denver.